Advantages of Using a Solar Pool Heater

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Solar Pool HeaterHaving a swimming pool on your property is truly a great feature. You can have a lot of fun with family and friends, and some even swim as a form of exercise too. It is also undeniable that a swimming pool is a very beautiful feature in any property. Especially if it’s clean and well maintained, it would certainly be your property’s highlight. If you have one, then you might as well install a solar pool heater.

Not all pool owners install swimming pool water heaters. These heaters may be extremely useful but they’re quite expensive to install and operate. Having a pool heater running would certainly add to your energy costs. If you want a better solution, consider using a solar pool heater. Here are some of its advantages.

1. Silent operation – Solar pool heaters work quietly as opposed to regular pool heaters, which can get very noisy. How enjoyable can swimming get when your heater is making too much noise?

2. Reduced energy costs – Because you’re primarily using power coming from the sun, using a solar pool heater won’t add too much to your energy bill. Some solar companies can also set it up in a way so that after installation, it would be completely free to operate. Ask your solar contractor if they can do something about this.

3. Easy maintenance – Very little maintenance is required for solar pool heaters. They are built to last and if you work with a licensed solar contractor, you can also get a guarantee that they’re using the best materials and equipment.

4. More swimming hours – When you already have a solar pool heater, you can enjoy more swimming hours. You can take a dip even at night or during the winter season and you can still enjoy a warm pool.

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