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Five Do’s of Tree Removal

Posted by on May 3, 2020 in Landscape & Lawn | Comments Off on Five Do’s of Tree Removal

tree removalAre you mulling over having a tree removed from your backyard? Removing a tree means removing shades and air filters from your house. The tree that you want to remove may be necessary for your garden area, but you want it to be removed anyway, for it is a diseased and hazardous tree. No matter why you want to have a particular tree removed, it is crucial to have a list of things to do. So, we have prepared a list of five do’s that every gardener should abide.

1. Hire a professional tree contractor: Trees are huge, and taking them down could mean a lot of risks. It is highly advisable to have a professional contractor to do this job. The expert is skilled and has the right equipment to take down a tree of any size.

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Tree Maintenance Cost

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Tree Maintenance CostIt is understandable why there are a lot of property owners who are hesitant in calling tree contractors when they need service done. After all, they would have to spend a few dollars to get the experts to come to their location. However, it is very important to know more about tree maintenance cost first before deciding otherwise. DIY attempt on tree service tasks can potentially lead to injury and damage to property. It’s best to be safe and sorry.

Tree maintenance cost is primarily affected by a number of factors including the tree size, the tree’s condition, location, and the kind of maintenance you need. The cost varies depending on the job at hand.

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Professional Animal Removal Services

Posted by on Feb 15, 2019 in Animal Removal, Landscape & Lawn | Comments Off on Professional Animal Removal Services

Animal Removal ServicesWhether you live in an urban community or the suburbs, there are chances for animals to wander off to your property. Critters like raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, coyotes, snakes, and so many more are quite common for Florida homeowners. It is important to have a go-to professional animal removal contractor you can reach out to when you need assistance.

There are some animals that you may manage to capture on your own. For instance, there are plenty of traps being sold on the market if you want to catch a rat or some mice in your property. But you also have to think about what to do with that critter once caught. How will you get rid of it? If you’re brave enough to hold on to that trap with a rat, then good for you. But if the mere thought of carrying a trap with a large black rat, placing it in your car, and setting it free in a place far away from your home already creeps you out, you should know that you’re not alone.

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Trees in the Swimming Pool Area: 5 Tree Trimming Tips

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Swimming Pool Tree TrimmingWhile some trees can grow without any maintenance at all, there are many others that require tree trimming, pruning, fertilizing and more. It depends on the trees purpose, its growth as well as its location. If you have a tree or trees in the swimming pool area of your property, then it must undergo regular tree trimming.

Tree trimming is the process that gets rid of overgrown or dead branches. If done properly, it may assist in tree growth as well. While trees are not ideally planted right beside swimming pools as leaves and twigs may fall down on the water all the time, which makes cleaning difficult, they are still considered one of the most beautiful things that would accentuate your pool area. So to lessen maintenance needs, as well as keep dead branches from falling down in areas around the pool where humans would usually hang out, tree trimming is definitely necessary.

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Beautiful Landscape Free from Weeds

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There is nothing more important to the overall look of your home been a beautiful and well manicured landscape. It can make the difference between a sloppy house, and a beautiful home that looks very well-maintained. We have all seen homes around our neighborhood that look like very nice homes, but the landscape is poorly done in the trees are not maintained and so the overall look is actually very ugly. This is always sad, especially in the case of a beautiful home with poor outside landscape.

Sadly, most of the time this is a result of a lazy homeowners. Anyone can do their part to properly maintain their lawn and landscape, but some people just have no desire to put in the work required to keep things looking beautiful. It really only takes one to two hours per week to keep your landscape looking great in the envy of your neighborhood. But some people simply do not want to put in the time to keep their landscaping lawn looking great, and so things get very overgrown quite quickly. When this happens with your trees it is often the easiest to call a company like New Smyrna Tree Service to handle your trees and keep them looking great. Yes you will spend a little extra money, but it is well worth it and they have the equipment required for a proper tree trimming and tree pruning.

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Knowing Weed Types to Control Your Garden

Posted by on Dec 26, 2016 in Landscape & Lawn | Comments Off on Knowing Weed Types to Control Your Garden

Knowing Weed Types to Control Your Garden

Weeds are the worst thing about our spring gardens, the adversary to our rich, green lawns, and regardless of what we do, they generally seem to come back.  As per the Biblical references, weeds are evil doers as well as bad souls who try to hurt good looking things.  Let’s forget about all that, and simply focus on the best way to fight with weeds which is to know all about them as well as their types.

Weeds not only can take over your lawn, but can also affect your entire landscape and even your trees.  We had a palm tree several years ago that became diseased as a result of being overcome by so many weeds.  We finally had to have the tree removed by a tree removal company that came out and dug it up and then ground it up.  So it is so important to never let the weeds infest your trees, as you can actually lose a beautiful tree if it gets out of control.

There is no question that’s staying on top of your weeds is the best way to control we’ve problems in your garden and in your landscape. Things become very difficult when you let your weeds get out of control and then you have a monumental task to try and correct the situation. It is much easier to stay ahead of the problem so that your gardens will remain healthy and you will not have these problems in the future.

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