Five Do’s of Tree Removal

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tree removalAre you mulling over having a tree removed from your backyard? Removing a tree means removing shades and air filters from your house. The tree that you want to remove may be necessary for your garden area, but you want it to be removed anyway, for it is a diseased and hazardous tree. No matter why you want to have a particular tree removed, it is crucial to have a list of things to do. So, we have prepared a list of five do’s that every gardener should abide.

1. Hire a professional tree contractor: Trees are huge, and taking them down could mean a lot of risks. It is highly advisable to have a professional contractor to do this job. The expert is skilled and has the right equipment to take down a tree of any size.

Here’s a video that will show you the dangers of DIY tree removal and why you absolutely need to hire a competent contractor.

2. Tree removal should be your last resort: If you can do without having the tree removed, then go for it. The decision to remove a tree from your backyard should be your last resort for trees to support local ecology. Some diseased trees can be treated and cured. Trees that have been damaged beyond cure and often required to be removed.

3. Tree removal regulations and rules: Certain cities and counties regulate tree removal practice. Know if you can have a tree in your tree removed beforehand. So to prevent any further legal proceedings for breaching the rules. You may also have to obtain special permits for removing the tree.

4. Stump and Lumber Remover: When you plan to have a tree removed, also consider how you would like to have the stump and lumber removed from the area. Ask the tree contractors of the available options to have stumps and lumber reused and disposed of.

5. Tree on Neighbor’s Property: A tree adjacent to the neighbor’s property poses a risk of damage to the property of yours as well as of the neighbors. Prior to having the tree removed, you may need to request via a certified letter that the tree needs to be removed.

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