Pruning Clematis in Your Home Garden

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Pruning clematis is an integral part of keeping healthy and dynamic plants in your home garden; however, pruning clematis in the incorrect manner can reduce flowering and damage the plant. One of the first things to consider for pruning clematis is to determine the variety and its type. When and how much to prune differs as per the growth and development features. An essential pruning tip is to utilize sharp pruning shears as well as to disinfect all your tools after use to prevent dispersing diseases between plants.

Clematis Varieties

There are three groups of clematis that decide when to prune. These incorporate assortments that bloom in early spring, late blooming varieties, and hybrid varieties. The hybrid ones have large flowers that bloom in summer and late spring, while late blooming varieties do not bloom until mid summer, but continue to generate flowers into fall. So pruning depends on these varieties instead of the plant itself. Early blooming as well as the mid season blooming hybrid one flower on wood that was generated in the past. The late blooming ones generate buds as well as the flowers on wood that was produced during the present growing season.

Early Spring

What happens when you prune clematis at the wrong time? It can eradicate the wood that will assist the flowers in the current season. One imperative tip is to wait until the blooming period is completed, when pruning “early spring” varieties. You can cut back the clematis to the height as well as to the shape according to your preferences when the flowers are faded. Cutting it back it required and necessary to maintain its shape so that it won’t become scraggly or leggy. It is crucial to prune these sort of clematis not after the middle of the summer.

Hybrid Clematis

The hybrid clematis with large flowers should be pruned in early spring or late winters, when the first buds start to develop. One should shape the clematis by cutting back the tips of the branches. Every bud that is taken out will cause fewer flowers, but this will motivate the most blooms. Keep in mind that you only need to take off the wood above the top bud, because forms on every branch.

Late Flowering Clematis

When it comes to the late flowering clematis, the best time to prune is in early spring before the new development begins. These vine blossom on stalks that grow early in the developing season, so pruning before the development begins doesn’t affect flowering in the late season. One can cut back each branch into the desired size and shape, but 1 to 4 feet from the stalk is an ideal approach to cut back the branch in suitable shape and size.

Here is some more info on proper pruning methods.

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