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solar energy equipmentSolar energy equipment are tools that help absorb, store, and convert the heat from the sunlight into electricity. The power thus generated through this equipment is used for the purpose of running electronic residential as well as commercial devices. Here are some of the most important solar energy equipment:

Solar Panels: Heat from the sunlight is trapped and harnessed by the solar panels. Photovoltaic is the most common type of solar panels that are made up of silicon semiconductors. The energy output of solar panels, however, can vary from about 75 watts to 350 watts.

Inverter: Solar panels produce a direct current charge which cannot be directly supplied to power electrical equipment. The direct current charge is converted to alternate current with the help of inverter which regulates the energy trapped by the solar panel and energy required by each electrical appliance. There are two types of inverter – central and micro. A central inverter is useful where each solar panel produces a similar level of energy. A micro-inverter is useful where a central inverter cannot operate.

Racking System: A racking system is a place where solar panels are secured. It is a structure that ensures the right positioning of the solar panels.

Ground Mounts: Ground mounts are structures that are used for securing a large solar system. A property with the requirement of more of electricity may be needed to have ground mounts installed.

Ballasted Roof Mounts: Houses or properties with flat roofs can have solar panels installed at the roof with ballasted roof mounts.

The aforementioned are some of the most common solar energy equipment. You can know more about them by connecting with a professional or talking to people who have a solar energy system installed at their respective places.

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