Trees in the Swimming Pool Area: 5 Tree Trimming Tips

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Swimming Pool Tree TrimmingWhile some trees can grow without any maintenance at all, there are many others that require tree trimming, pruning, fertilizing and more. It depends on the trees purpose, its growth as well as its location. If you have a tree or trees in the swimming pool area of your property, then it must undergo regular tree trimming.

Tree trimming is the process that gets rid of overgrown or dead branches. If done properly, it may assist in tree growth as well. While trees are not ideally planted right beside swimming pools as leaves and twigs may fall down on the water all the time, which makes cleaning difficult, they are still considered one of the most beautiful things that would accentuate your pool area. So to lessen maintenance needs, as well as keep dead branches from falling down in areas around the pool where humans would usually hang out, tree trimming is definitely necessary.

Now if the tree beside your pool is already due for trimming, it is always best to call a contractor to get it done for you. However, if you have your own tools and equipment, you can also try doing this on your own. But then again, tree trimming is not exactly an easy job. And the process can be quite risky, too. Either way, here are some tree trimming tips you can keep in mind.

1. Clear the pool area.
Make sure the pool area is clear from humans, valuables, pets and other items that may get damaged when trimmed branches fall down. Remember, safety is always your priority.

2. Cover the swimming pool if possible.
If you have a huge swimming pool, covering all of it might be difficult; however, some owners already have pool covers custom-built. The reason behind covering the swimming pool is so you can prevent leaves, twigs, branches and dirt from falling into the water.

Swimming Pool
3. Wear safety gear and clothing.
Tree trimming, as mentioned, is a risky job to do. If you should do it on your own, then you must be sure you’re wearing the proper gear and clothing to assure of your safety. This may include a helmet, gloves, the proper shoes, jacket and jeans, etc.

4. Sharpen your chainsaw.
Tree trimming is not about removing leaves and twigs from the tree; you’re going to have to trim branches, and this may include large ones. The blades of your chainsaw must be sharp to make the job quick and easy.

5. Call a contractor.
This has already been mentioned earlier, but it is best to mention again. Tree trimming contractors are available in your area and they should be called should you need their services. Tree trimming is for professionals and requires knowledge, experience and proper tools. When done incorrectly, the tree’s growth may be hindered or the tree may even die or get infected by diseases. Make it easy on yourself and call a contractor instead.

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