Winterize Your Pool

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Winterize Your Pool

Although we are halfway through the winter, it is never too late to winterize your pool for its protection.  To correctly winterize a swimming pool, you should start by ensuring that the pool water is completely clean and without any debris. Use a filter to remove pine needles, bugs, leaves, and other items from the pool. You can also use a net and an extension pole to skim the water. The ideal time to start the winterizing procedure is in the fall, generally as the colors change, however, before the leaves start falling into the pool.  If you missed this window, it is still OK to winterize.

Chemical Treatment

A chemical treatment to your swimming pool is crucial. A blend of winter chlorine, winter-powder, and winter Alkalizer will guarantee that your swimming pool stays clean over the winter season and is prepared for use in the springtime when the hot weather comes.  Numerous brands supply winterizing kits that consist of the chemicals specified above. Every winterizing kit has different instructions so always follow the guidelines mentioned in the label. Basically, these chemicals will treat the water with algaecide, alkaline, and chlorine so that the pool water can be prepared of winter months. Please follow all the directions mentioned in your winterizing kit carefully.

If you properly maintain your pool then you will always have a safe, clean, enjoyable pool that you can enjoy for many many years. And the important thing to always remember is that you need to properly maintain your pool in all seasons, not just the summer when you are most using. It is equally important to perform proper maintenance in the winter months as well even though you are not using as much. If you take this extra effort it will pay off greatly as your pool will last many many years and always be in good, swimmable condition.

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